Font awesome icons. Moodle plugins directory: FontAwesome icons

1 shield shield f132 Web Application Icons award achievement security winner 3 0 Floppy Outlined floppy-o f0c7 Text Editor Icons 2
0 align-left align-left f036 Text Editor Icons text 1 intant copy to code to clipboard when you click on the icon html• See for examples and possible workarounds

Adding Font Awesome Icons

0 Envelope envelope f0e0 Web Application Icons email e-mail letter support mail notification 2.

Fontawesome 5 Icons
0 text-height text-height f034 Text Editor Icons 1
Generate Font Awesome icons as SVGs — fa • fontawesome
Add icon name prefixed with fa to the class attribute
Moodle plugins directory: FontAwesome icons
0 th-large th-large f009 Text Editor Icons blocks squares boxes grid 1 0 Twitter Square twitter-square f081 Brand Icons tweet social network 1
We can optionally set certain style attributes 0 Hand Outlined Up hand-o-up f0a6 Directional IconsHand Icons point finger 2

Generate Font Awesome icons as SVGs — fa • fontawesome

0 tag tag f02b Web Application Icons label 1.

Fontawesome 5 Icons
0 pencil pencil f040 Web Application Icons write edit update 1
Fontawesome 5 Icons
0 magic magic f0d0 Web Application Icons wizard automatic autocomplete 2
Font Awesome Icons
French thanks to Credits Many thanks to the following plugins and their authors:• 0 align-center align-center f037 Text Editor Icons middle text 1